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Please read the information below before completing the webform on the next page.

Take Part is a BBC website that advertises for contributors and contestants for BBC programmes. We can help you find contestants for a quiz or game show; volunteers for a makeover or reality programme; or musicians, dancers, actors or other performers. Your page on the site will tell the public about your show, what you're looking for and how they can apply.

Mandatory: BEFORE filling in the webform, you must comply with the following.

1. Get approval from ITACU

ITACU is the BBC's Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit. Its staff help production teams to use interactivity to agreed BBC standards. This includes helping you with the way you ask for contributors or contestants for shows. You must contact ITACU about your plans. If you have a phone line for applicants, they will advise whether it's a suitable type of number and will supply standard wording about phone charges.

Email: ITACU@bbc.co.uk
Phone: 0208 008 5384

2. Data protection notice

We have a general data protection notice on the Take Part site. However, if you have an application form – whether it will go on our site or will be sent out from your production office – it must include a data protection notice specific to your show. You can get guidance and information on drafting the notice from the following sites:

For further advice, email dpa.officer@bbc.co.uk. Or, from inside the BBC, email Information Policy and Compliance Team on the global address list.

3. Get sign-off from your BBC Executive Producer or Commissioning Editor

As part of the BBC's compliance procedure, you must get your request – all the wording, plus any image and/or application form – signed off for accuracy by your BBC Executive Producer or Commissioning Editor. You must enter their details in the webform, otherwise you will not be able to submit your request and we will not be able to process it. You must keep an electronic (email) record of the sign-off. You will be required to produce this before we can process your request.

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